Israel’s Moral Abyss

Posted on June 27, 2017


By David Ettinger

A Depraved Nation
Israel is depraved. This hurts to say, but it’s true. Of course, Israel is no more depraved than any other nation, but she is nonetheless depraved. To those of us who love Israel and pray for her salvation, her depravity is bitter.

An Israeli flag flies on a hill near the West Bank Jewish settlement of Elazar, near Bethlehem

This sad sentiment comes as the result of a recent 10-day trip I took to the “Holy” Land, one which left me more depressed than hopeful, more disturbed than peaceful. Several items of evidence were on display during my Middle Eastern sojourn which turned my enthusiasm into despondency. One was the conspicuous reminder of Israel’s Gay Pride Parade the previous week. Tel Aviv and Jerusalem were replete with rainbow flags, symbols of Israel’s blossoming LBGTQ community. Another piece of evidence of Israel’s moral decay was the sight of young women as they strolled the streets in body-hugging, skin-exposing apparel, all modesty tossed to the wind. The young men were no better, their tattoos and ear-piercings confirmation of their desire to emulate their Western counterparts.

And, of course, Israeli newspapers and websites were filled with stories of political corruption, financial shenanigans, and all sorts of cultural ills and disorder. Just like every other nation.

The Prognosis
Taking the pulse of Israeli society yields an indisputable prognosis. Despite the undeniable role God has played in the existence of this chosen nation, modern Israel – as did her ancient predecessor – has mostly rejected her Sovereign, Creator, and Master. She has spit in the face of the One who has time and again rescued her from blood-thirsty enemies and granted her life and survival when death and extinction should have prevailed.

Israel of 2017 – and I discount Christian believers and religious Jews who believe in Yahweh – is a nation ripe for reprisal, primed for punishment, and situated for suffering.

However …
However, one thing Israel is not on the agenda for is rejection. Every other nation on earth will be rejected, but not Israel. The apostle Paul makes this clear: “I ask then: Did God reject his people?” He then answers his own question: “By no means!” (Romans 11:1). Israel is still very much in the plan of God, but this doesn’t mean every Jewish person gets a free pass to Heaven.


Salvation is found in Christ alone (John 14:6, Acts 4:12), and there is no exception clause, despites that befuddling Romans 11:26 verse: “… all Israel will be saved.” The Cliff Notes explanation of this verse is that the word “all” refers to the “remnant” of Israel, which is discussed early in Chapter 11. For now, the “remnant” refers to Jewish people who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. In the end-times, the remnant will be those Jewish people who, witnessing the near-destruction of their nation, will at last bow the knee to Christ. (I recommend you read Zechariah Chapter 13, which tells us that two-thirds of world Jewry which will be destroyed. It is the remaining third – the “remnant” – which will be saved.)

So yes, “all” Israel will be saved, but it will come at a heavy price.

What Now?
So, what are believers who love Israel to do? A visit to the Holy Land exposes Israel’s disregard of her God, and this continues to fester. Ancient Israel was severely judged for such dereliction, and modern Israel will be too. However, ancient Israel was never destroyed, and neither will modern Israel. There is a remnant which will survive the nation’s apostasy; a third of the Jewish people have been elected, and “all” of them will be saved.

What now? What to do in view of Israel’s moral abyss? What we do is this: We pray for the salvation of every Jew on the planet and leave the “remnant” and “elect” aspects of theology to God. We cling to Psalm 122:6, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem,” and pray for the darkness to be lifted from Jewish hearts and for the scales to be discarded from Jewish eyes.

The moral abyss is widening, and time is running out. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!