How to Destroy Israel

Posted on August 21, 2017


By David Ettinger

The New Norm
While surfing the Web, I came across this headline: “Report: Anti-Semitism, Violence Against Jews Surge on College Campuses.” The first paragraph read: “Anti-Semitism surged on college campuses across the United States, according to a new study that found Jewish students supportive of Israel are being targeted ‘for harm.’”[1]

israel attackThose causing the harm oppose Israel’s right to exist.

There was once a time when Israel was respected and admired, recognized as a David among multiple Goliaths. After all, this tiny nation of 8 million – 6 million of which is Jewish ­– resides in the midst of Arab/Muslim neighbors (Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia) totaling 255 million in population who, for the most part, would love to wipe her off the face of the earth.

Yet, Israel has survived all threats to her survival, and has done so swiftly, soundly, and courageously. Israel was once lauded for her military adeptness and that she stands as the lone democracy in the Middle East. But alas, there is the Palestinian issue, the history of which Israel-haters know nothing about. To the majority of today’s young people who show interest in the matter, Israel is the bully, occupying territory belonging to the Palestinians. Therefore, Israel is not a hero worthy of respect, but a menace deserving of vitriol, contempt, and destruction.

Hating Israel and coveting her demise is the new norm, the problem being that no one has figured out how to do it. But stay tuned, I’ll tell you how it can be done.

No Solutions
This failure to find a “solution” to the Israel quagmire is fascinating. How can seven nations totaling 255 million in population not be able to drive puny Israel into the depths of the Mediterranean Sea? How can they have not come up with a way to put their collective armies, armaments, and acumen together and find a way to dispose of the Jewish scourge which resides in their midst like an open, bleeding wound?

middle_eastAnd what about our brilliant American college students which are attacking Israel supporters? Couldn’t they appoint panels of their most gifted minds to research the matter and come up with an answer to quandary?

I hate to see people struggle when I have the answer. The Arab/Muslim nations as a whole (of course this does not include all Arabs and Muslims), as well as America’s finest young minds – and we can throw multitudes of European collegians into the mix ­– want Israel destroyed, but can’t figure out how to do it.­

Here is the answer they seek!

Good Old Jeremiah
If Israel-loathers are willing to open up the dreaded book of the Jews and Christians – the Bible – they will see it for themselves. They will find it in the Book of Jeremiah. It is as if the prophet is saying: “So, you want to know how to destroy Israel? Read this!”

This is what the Lord says, he who appoints the sun to shine by day, who decrees the moon and stars to shine by night, who stirs up the sea so that its waves roar – the Lord Almighty is his name: ‘Only if these decrees vanish from my sight,’ declares the Lord, ‘will Israel ever cease being a nation before me.’ This is what the Lord says: ‘Only if the heavens above can be measured and the foundations of the earth below be searched out will I reject all the descendants of Israel because of all they have done,’ declares the Lord (Jeremiah 31:35-37).

There it is. It can’t be any simpler than that. If you want to destroy Israel, all you have to do is figure out how to erase the sun, moon, stars, and seas. Additionally, if you can come up with a way to measure the volume of the heavens and discover the mystery of the earth’s foundations, then you would ascertain the way to destroy Israel.

israel flagSee how easy it is? God has given Israel-haters the answer they are looking for!

In All Seriousness
Of course you have detected my seeming flippant attitude, but I assure you, when it comes to Israel, I am dead serious. God has made numerous promises to Israel concerning her ultimate forgiveness, redemption, and restoration as His Chosen People. Yes, terrible things will occur in Israel before then, but God’s promises are sure. If God does not fulfill His promises to Israel, then, as a believer in Jesus Christ, how can you be assured that God will fulfill His promises to you?

The Jeremiah passage is another way of saying: Israel cannot be destroyed. She can never cease to exist. God will never reject her. Those who seek her destruction oppose God, and He – apart from their repentance – will not let them go unpunished. To mess with Israel is to mess with God.

The prophet Zechariah wrote 2,500 years ago: “… this is what the Lord says … whoever touches you [Israel] touches the apple of his eye” (2:8). May God’s will for His Chosen People soon be fulfilled!

[1] Adam Kredo, The Washington Free Beacon, “Report: Anti-Semitism, Violence Against Jews Surge on College Campuses.” July 26, 2016.