Another Shooting; Expect Way, Way More

Posted on April 4, 2018


By David Ettinger

The Latest Shooting
youtubeOn Wednesday, April 3, 2018, Nasim Aghadam, age 39, walked into the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California, and shot three people (thankfully, not fatally). She then turned the gun on herself and took her own life. Obviously, the death toll could have been catastrophic, so, in comparison to other similar events, this one was mild.

I’ve expressed in other blogs following shootings how I believe this growing plague in America is a result of God removing His hand of protection from a nation which continually denigrates, demeans, dishonors, and outright despises Him. (I’ll link to these blogs below.) No need to trod over old ground, but I believe the point is important.

A Precursor
 As I was reading through a portion of the Book of Jeremiah this morning, I came upon a passage which I think speaks directly to what is happening here in the States. To be clear, America is not ancient Israel, so not everything written in the Old Testament can be applied to today.

However, we know that God does not change (Numbers 23:19; Hebrews 13:8), so though circumstances change, God never does. Because the way He dealt with Israel perfectly reflects His character, we can still apply much of these Old Testament episodes to the here and now. In this way, God’s dealings with ancient Israel can well be looked at as a precursor to His dealings with nations today, particularly the U.S.

God: “Why Should I?”
jeremiahThe passage of Scripture which so impressed me is Jeremiah Chapter 5, verses 7-9, and then verses 11-13. The background is God warning the sinful Israelites of the Southern Kingdom (Jerusalem and vicinity) that if they don’t repent – and soon – they will be sent into Babylonian exile.

The people did not repent, but instead offered a “lip service” version of an apology. The Lord was having none of it, and made His displeasure clear. Verses 7-9 read: “Why should I forgive you? Your children have forsaken me and sworn by gods that are not gods. I supplied all their needs, yet they committed adultery and thronged to the houses of prostitutes. They are well-fed, lusty stallions, each neighing for another man’s wife. Should I not punish them for this? Should I not avenge myself on such a nation as this?”

No need for analysis here; you can simply read through this passage again (perhaps “modernizing” some of the phrases) and make your own application to America today (or any Western nation).

A few verses down (11-13), the Lord continues: “The people of Israel and the people of Judah have been utterly unfaithful to me. They have lied about the Lord; they said, ‘He will do nothing! No harm will come to us; we will never see sword or famine. The prophets are but wind and the word is not in them; so let what they say be done to them.’”

dark-cloudAgain, perhaps substituting “preachers” for “prophets,” you can see how this can well be applied to America and the West. The message is: Ignore and dishonor the Lord, and you will – beyond doubt – reap the consequences.

Not Learning
America – the most blessed nation in the world’s history – is now learning this. Well, let me take that back. We are now experiencing this truth, but we are not learning it. And because of this, the shootings will go on and on. Yes, we here in the States can expect way, way more shootings, and who knows what else.

It is inevitable that more terrible things are coming our way because “God cannot be mocked” (Galatians 6:7). Inevitable, unless we as a nation repent. I can’t see this happening, but as believers, we can certainly be praying for it.

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