Comfort for Those Who Grieve Lost Loved Ones

Posted on February 28, 2019


By David Ettinger


The Hope All Believers Share
The apostle Paul wrote: “But we do not want you to be
uninformed, brethren, about those who are asleep, so that you will not grieve as do the rest who have no hope” (1 Thessalonians 4:13). The reason for this is that when believers in the Lord Jesus Christ pass from this world, they enter into their true home, which is Heaven, and all the glories that come with it. This is the reason why believers should not grieve the passing of believing loved ones as unbelievers – those “who have no hope.”

This fact was beautifully expressed in a poem I found in a back-issue of the magazine I write for, Zion’s Fire. The poem, written by Lita Kurtzer, was written in honor of a man named Michael who died in 1994 at age 95 after decades of faithful service to God. Ms. Kurtzer wrote the poem to comfort Michael’s widow Yetta, who was grieving over the loss of her beloved husband. The “speaker” of the poem is Michael, writing from Heaven to Yetta, encouraging her to continue serving the Lord until the time they would be united.

I found this poem not only touching, comforting, and encouraging, but speaking biblical truth to all believers, knowing that when our time on this earth ends, we will be immediately ushered into the presence of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Home in Glory

As Michael entered Heaven, Jesus took him by the hand,
“Well done, my faithful servant, welcome into glory land.
Your mansion has been waiting, and now at last you’re home,
Come walk the streets of gold with Me, come worship at My throne.”

I am home in Heaven’s glory, far above the blue,
Where all is joy and gladness, and pleasures ever new.
Though I’m not walking with you, to smile and hold your hand,
And your sweet touch I do not feel – in Christ, my darling stand.

Though there be times of loneliness, when you feel sad and blue,
Remember that one precious day, I shall be seeing you.
Christ is your strength, He is your hope, He is your peace and rest,
And know that He holds your hand, be comforted and blessed.

For sure you are not alone, the Lord is at your side,
In Christ, our Savior, you’re complete; in Him, my love, abide.
There are so many things to do that need your special touch,
Our family and our friends, my sweet, love you very much.

I am content and happy, beyond what words can say,
I’m with my precious Jesus, so darling, don’t dismay.
God has work prepared for you, that no one else can do,
And when each task has been completed, He will call you, too.
No longer will you miss me, or ever feel alone,
For we will be united, and you’ll be “safely home.”

May these words bring you comfort and peace in these tumultuous and challenging days.