Amazing Masada Video!

Posted on May 18, 2019


By David Ettinger

Hi everyone. Some of my colleagues from the ministry I work for, Zion’s Hope, are in Israel conducting a tour and leading our Servant’s Heart ministry outreach.

Mike Ufferman, our Mr. Everything at the ministry, has been giving a series of on-the-spot videos from there and they are all great! However, this one from Masada is outstanding; the teaching and visuals are fantastic, just like being there!

So, if you have about 16 minutes, please watch. And while you’re on our Facebook page, check out Mike’s other videos from the trip, including three from Poland, where we went first before flying to the Holy Land!

Unfortunately, WordPress won’t let me embed the specific video on this page, but here is the link to the videos section on our Facebook Page. Scroll down just a tad and you’ll see all of Mike’s videos. You’ll find the Masada video there:

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