Please Point Out My Typos: I Don’t Mind!

Posted on September 5, 2019


By David Ettinger

Though my profession is “writer/editor,” I am not exempt from typos and spelling mistakes. I do my best to “catch” everything I can before posting a blog, but not having a proofreader, I know my posts contain more mistakes than I care to admit.

I usually find them when I read over my blogs an hour or so later with “fresh eyes.” Ooooh, how I hate those typos and spelling mistakes! And some of them are obvious – which means you see them too!

I know many of us would rather not correct other bloggers for fear of hurting their feelings, but in my case, I don’t mind! I have been a writer/editor (3 newspapers and 2 magazines) since 1981, and am used to being corrected. I have thick skin.

So please, the next time you catch a mistake in one of my blogs, let me know (in the comments section, I won’t post them). I will be grateful, and in return I will give you a cyber hug (which is the only kind of hug from me most people want)!

And I promise, you won’t hurt my feelings. I hate posting mistakes, and when I do, I want them corrected as soon as possible!

Thank you!