A Blogging Question

Posted on October 11, 2019


Can someone help me with this?

Whenever I check my stats, I always notice that the same 3 or 4 blogs – from more than a year ago, and not particularly my best – are constantly being opened by people in foreign countries.

I can’t believe that those clicking on these blogs are so infatuated with them that they keep reading the same few over and over again.

Do you experience the same thing?

If so, why does this keep happening? Are these “clickers-of-the-same-few-blogs” up to no good? (I haven’t noticed anything nefarious on my blog since it began five years ago.)

For now, I’ve put these 4 blogs in “Private” mode so that they won’t be visible to the public. Will see what this results in.

Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks!