Why Evangelicals Support President Trump

Posted on February 6, 2020


By David Ettinger

A Justified Question
On February 5, 2020, at a press conference the day after his acquittal from impeachment charges, President Trump used an expletive to describe the Russia probe. Disappointed, I stopped watching.

Many unbelievers and non-evangelical Christians criticize Bible-believers for supporting President Trump, noting he is oftentimes profane, rude, vindictive, and insulting, all things the Bible teaches believers against. This is true – President Trump is all of these – and those who question evangelicals as to their support of him are justified in doing so.

They deserve an answer.

Trump’s Spiritual Condition
There is a segment of the evangelical community which regards President Trump as “God’s anointed” – that the Lord actually “called” President Trump to be president of the United States. Those who endorse this belief are adamant in their devotion to the President, and really do see him as “God’s man.”

I, on the other hand, do not prescribe to this viewpoint. I don’t believe there is anything “divine” or “ordained” about his being in office. I believe he came to the presidency through human circumstances, and fairly and indisputably won the 2016 election.

I also don’t believe President Trump is a Christian. This is just my opinion, of course, but I truly don’t see any hint whatsoever that he has accepted Jesus Christ into his life. I certainly pray he will do so, confessing Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord.

Having stated this, I nonetheless support the President, pray for him, hope for his re-election, and want the best for him.

Similar Worldview
So yes, when President Trump displays the worst of his nature – cursing, belittling, bullying – I cringe. But – and this is what those who criticize evangelicals need to understand – I still support what he stands for. And what President Trump stands for – regardless of how he behaves and what he truly believes – is a biblical worldview.

Evangelical Christians see the world through the lens of the Bible. We see the Bible as divine and as the expression of God’s will for the human race. This molds our thinking on morality, conduct, and conscience. Our biblical perspective shapes our attitudes toward issues such as abortion, free speech, sexual practices, and domestic and foreign policy.

Evangelicals, for instance, are predominantly pro-life, and naturally abortion is at or near the top of our concerns. Regardless of President Trump’s true feelings on abortion, he has come down very strongly politically on the side of the unborn. He has spoken boldly on behalf of the unborn, and has backed up his words with policy. Though many Democrats are good and decent people, their support on abortion makes it impossible for evangelicals to uphold them.  

Evangelicals also support the Bible’s teaching on sex, which is exclusively intended for marriage between male and female spouses. Though there is no legislation to enforce this, at least President Trump is not promoting policies which enforce acceptance of non-biblical practices and lifestyles.

Evangelicals also know the importance of a Christian education. Though many of us do not send their children to a Christian institution, we believe that just as federal and state monies help fund public school education, some of these funds – which come from taxes we contribute to – should go to private education. President Trump supports these values as well.

And on a personal note, I very much back President Trump’s Israel policies.

In Conclusion
So, yes, there is the frequent offensive behavior of President Trump, and the policies of President Trump, which are often diametrically opposed. Though his demeanor irritates and even inflames many on the evangelical side, we realize he is a President who supports our biblical worldview.

Some of us may wish for a President who acts more civilly, but this is not the way things are. Also, the alternative – from the aspect of Christian worldview – is decidedly worse, that being the Democratic Party’s platform.

There are no perfect candidates. Most people have a worldview. For Evangelicals, that worldview is biblical, and as such we support those who support our biblical worldview. President Trump – for all his imperfections – supports, policy-wise, a Christian, biblical worldview, and this is why Evangelicals support President Trump.