My Greatest Fear of a Sanders Presidency

Posted on February 24, 2020


By David Ettinger

Not the Usual Fear
It appears at this point that Bernie Sanders will be the Democratic Party’s candidate in the 2020 Presidential Election. And though I believe President Trump will be the favorite, it would be foolish to believe he will easily win the election.

After all, few “experts” believed he had a legitimate shot at defeating Hillary Clinton. So yes, in this dramatically divided country of ours, Bernie Sanders winning the presidency is a possibility to be taken seriously.

For those on all sides of the political spectrum who dread a Sanders presidency, the number one fear is that he is a socialist. If he wins the presidency, it will not take long for the U.S. to feel the repercussions of their decision.

However, it is not a Sanders socialist-tinged presidency I am most wary of, but something far more sinister – something I fear will reveal the true underbelly of America.

His Religion
Despite his seeming lack of support for the nation of Israel, Mr. Sanders is Jewish, and much more of the U.S. than you may imagine – though not overtly ­– is anti-Semitic. (Some of you will dismiss this sentiment as coming from someone who was born and raised Jewish, though I am a Bible-believing Christian – but still Jewish by heritage.)

The undercurrent of U.S. anti-Semitism may be subtle, but far from hidden. In this era of rampant, out-of-control social media, anti-Semitic attitudes are widespread. Sadly, I see much of it coming from the right – not from evangelical Christianity, but from the ignorant who still refer to the Jews as “Christ-killers.”

Also prevalent on social media are references to the Jews’ alleged control of the world’s economy, making them the perfect scapegoats for whatever monetary woes individuals experience. Similarly, the Jews are still believed to be the puppet masters of Hollywood, making them the perpetrators of our ever-decaying morality.

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Opening the Floodgates
A Sanders presidency will place a Jew in the lofty position of “most powerful man on the face of the earth.” As such, he – and by association “his people” – will become the ideal marks on which to pin the blame of a collapsing economy which is sure to result from a socialist regime.

When the U.S. starts to suffer – and if not under Mr. Sanders now, then with some younger, more attractive socialist later – it will not be enough to place the blame on his political philosophy or failed economic policies.

No, the American people will want someone to blame, and Republicans and Democrats alike will blame the Jews, as has always been the case throughout history, for the suffering we will eventually encounter.

A struggling nation and a Jewish president will be the toxic mesh which will open the floodgates of America’s underlying anti-Semitism. And when that day comes, there will be nothing “underlying” or “subtle” about it.

Americans will scream for blood, and we’ll demand it from one particular people group: the Jews.

It’s coming, and Satan wouldn’t dream of having it any other way!