Covid-19: God’s Down Payment?

Posted on April 20, 2020


By David Ettinger

A Whole Lotta’ Cash
I heard on the radio that the massive amount of funds the United States government has poured into stimulating our economy due to Covid-19 amounts to $4 trillion more than we have taken in.

That’s a massive deficit, and in terms of percentages, our largest since World War II. Of even greater concern – though most agree that the spending has been necessary – is the very real possibility that the States may never economically recover.

We are already more than $23 trillion in the hole, and no financial rising suns lie on the horizon.

The Lord’s Warning
I believe every large-scale crisis offers a golden opportunity for unsaved individuals to look at their mortality, consider the afterlife, and turn to Jesus Christ to save them from their sins.

However – and I believe 1948, the year of Israel’s “rebirth,” was the starting point – we are drawing ever nearer to the last days, and every crisis from hear on must be looked at as God advancing His end-times plan leading up to the return of Christ and the establishing of His Millennial (1,000-year) Kingdom. As such, I see the Covid-19 pandemic as one of God’s many down payments to those concluding days.

And yes, this despite that the “curve” is flattening and the mortality numbers are decreasing. Indeed, we could well be seeing the light at the end of the Coronavirus tunnel. However, there is still the economic backwash, and it will live on well past the last victim has contracted the deadly scourge. As we are seeing – and have seen numerous times in financially challenging days – economic hardship can be just as deadly as disease as it leads to hunger, sickness, violence, and civil disobedience.

It could well be that this deep financial hit we have taken in the States will reap consequences that will greatly weaken us. Bible prophecy teaches that the world is heading toward a one-world religion and government which will become a reality shortly before Christ’s return.

The weakening of nations is the major stimulant in leading them to do things they would never have dreamed of just a short time previous. Therefore, though Covid-19 may become but a memory a few months hence, its economic aftermath could be an albatross that will cling to us and drag us down.

And it is safe to say that if the U.S. hits the skids, numerous other nations will do the same. So, in this way, the Coronavirus’ economic fallout is part of God’s down payment for the inevitable end of the age, whenever that may be.

In the meantime, let us be ever mindful that the time is late, the need is great, and that Jesus Christ is the only means for salvation to a lost and dying world!