What Determines Your Blog Topics?

Posted on April 29, 2020


By David Ettinger

Let’s Visit Together
Hi everyone. I thought during this stay-at-home time it would be nice to virtually visit together and have a friendly chat. I’m envisioning a little creative sharing – i.e., your feedback on the title of this blog.

I’ll start it off by saying – and I’m sure this is the No. 1 “determiner” for most of you – the Bible more than anything else determines my blog topics. Since coming to Christ in 1986, I have read the Bible twice a year, which comes to an average of eight chapters a day.

That’s a lot of “source material” from which to draw, so how do I select a topic from it? These days, I will stumble on a particular phrase, verse, or passage I know I have read more than 60 times, but somehow has really caught my attention either for the first time, or in a different way. When that happens, I gather my thoughts, then head straight for my keyboard.

Another major resource is current events. From 1981 to 2001 I was a journalist for two mega-media groups, Scripps-Howard and Gannett. Part of my duties included writing op-eds for my newspapers’ editorial page. Op-eds are basically commentaries or opinion pieces on what is happening in the world, be that locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally. My most recent blog, “Covid-19 Arrogance,” is an example of this. Of course, my op-ed blogs must center on a spiritual/biblical perspective and not just “general” opinion.

And finally, there’s the personal. A common theme of mine is that as a Jewish believer of 34 years, I have still not seen a single family member come to Christ, and have seen both my parents leave this world (in their 50s) without knowing Christ. This obviously is my biggest burden, and I return to it somewhat frequently.

Your Turn
So what about you? What determines your blog topics? And, if you care to share it, how do you go about your blog-writing (your “process”)? Do you close all the doors and windows and shut yourself in? (I like a lot of light.) Do you carve out an outline first (as I used to)? Do you write slowly and thoughtfully? Or like me, do you get a thought in your head and just start pounding away in a 30-minute fury? (I spend more time editing than writing a first draft.)

And speaking of that, what is your editing process? My final version (what you read) is usually anywhere from a 4th or 5th draft.

No limits here on what you can share. And feel free to comment on other bloggers’ comments (the “friendly chat” mentioned above). I’m always interested in how other writers go about their writing, and I would love to hear how you go about yours!