Christian Lives Don’t Matter

Posted on May 7, 2020


By David Ettinger

Ignoring the Cries
Christians in the Middle East are experiencing devastating persecution as Muslim extremists brutalize them with satanic glee. They cry for help from the West, but their cries are ignored. Their cries grow louder each day as they endure horrors Westerners cannot begin to imagine. How do you wrap your brain around the beheading of 5-year-old girls?

In reply to the desperate cries of the persecuted in Syria, Iran, Iraq, and other Middle Eastern and African countries, the West’s response can best be described as “piddling” – some food supplies here, some weaponry there, a few shekels distributed among the masses.

How can the West be so unfeeling toward these innocents who are being mercilessly butchered? We find a clue in a story about the murderous Boko Haram, the menace of Nigeria. We read: “Boko Haram has been waging war on the government since 2009, seeking to drive out all Christians from the country”[1]

There’s your reason. The war is against Christianity – whose existence is hated and whose people’s lives are of no account – and as far as the world is concerned, this is entirely satisfactory.

Way Out in the Open
It used to be that Christian persecution was a “secret” thing. The two primary culprits – the former Soviet Union and China – kept their oppression hidden and safely nestled within their own borders. China, still in the Christian-persecution racket, continues attempts to hide its behavior, but is not having much success.

In fact, no country which persecutes Christians is having any success hiding its crimes because – with the exception of China and North Korea ­– they have no desire to hide them. In most Muslim and Hindu-dominated nations of the Middle East and Africa, the eradication of Christianity is government policy; it is mandated and encouraged. Christian persecution is not only no longer hidden, but is way out in the open. Visit the websites of such ministries as Voice of the Martyrs, Open Doors USA, and Christian Freedom International and you will find detailed accounts and statistics on Christian persecution. There are no more secrets.


Not only are there no more secrets, but now the gory exploits are splashed all over social media as Christian-hating terrorist organizations mirthfully display their acts of beheading, rape, and torture for all to see.

Where is the Compassion?
Of course, it should be the Arab and African nations which band together to knock out these terror groups since they operate within their borders. However, this will never happen seeing how the brunt of the carnage is inflicted upon Christians. The terrorists will also kill Muslims who get in their way, and this disturbs Muslim leaders, but so long as the focus is on Christians, the Middle Eastern nations won’t stop them. After all, organizations who want to eradicate Christianity are doing their bidding.

But what about the West? What about compassionate Europe? Why hasn’t the United States – “the world’s policeman” – stepped up? There is little doubt the combined military forces of the U.S. and European Union can destroy Boko Haram in fairly short order. Why haven’t they? After all, this is not a political issue, but a humanitarian one. The terrorists are not slaughtering soldiers, but innocent men, women, and children who have no way to defend themselves. Where is the West?

The True Reason
The true reason for the world’s abandonment of Christians is that Christian lives don’t matter. They don’t matter because this is the way Satan wants it.


The Bible tells us that Satan is the “ruler of this world” (John 12:31), and the “prince of the power of the air” (Ephesians 2:2). God has given Satan authority to wreak havoc on Earth. One of his major goals is to destroy God’s people. In His sovereignty, God has permitted Satan to have his way ­– to a point. And the unsaved world is, to one degree or another, in agreement with Satan. Oh sure, the world may not approve of beheading innocents, particularly children, but, like Satan, the majority of the global population favors ridding the world of Christianity.

Jesus clearly stated: “If you were of the world, the world would love its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, because of this the world hates you” (John 15:19). The world hates Jesus, and by association Christians, because Jesus – and His followers – “testify … that its deeds are evil” (John 7:7). In other words, the hatred directed toward Christians is perfectly natural; however, as we draw closer to the end of the age, the hatred will heighten, intensify, and result in more violent persecution.

Christian Lives DO Matter
To the world, slaughtered believers go silently to their pitiful demises, the victims of that outdated and ignorant way of life known as “Christianity.” However, God sees, hears, and knows all. He knows the anguish of these precious ones who have suffered so greatly. The world does not realize that these dear ones, upon death, are immediately ushered into Heaven.

Return of Christ

Psalm 72:13-14 says: “He will have compassion on the poor and needy, And the lives of the needy he will save. He will rescue their life from oppression and violence, And their blood will be precious in his sight.” The key to this verse is understanding that the word “life” refers, in this case, to the eternal soul. In other words, God will allow His people to be killed, but their souls are secure. And when they do die, their blood is precious to Him.

To the world, Christian lives don’t matter. To God, they are cherished. We take solace in this and rejoice in the knowledge that when our time on this earth is over – whether we go peaceably or are chosen for martyrdom – God will be waiting to embrace us and welcome us to His heavenly abode!

[1] Christian Post, “Christian Chibok Schoolgirls Still Alive but Pregnant and Carrying Diseases by Boko Haram Terrorists, Survivor Reveals,” Stoyan Zaimov,