Missing the Point on Covid-19

Posted on July 13, 2020


By David Ettinger

Finding a Cure
Recently, a blog writer took issue with those of us who tend to view the events surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic as a gateway to the end times. He mentioned how all of our theories would be dashed if and when a coronavirus cure is found.

This misses the point as a cure has nothing to do with it. Those of us who believe we are drawing frightfully close to the end of the age are looking at events such as the continuing rise of humanism, globalism, civil unrest, and the eventual entrance of the Antichrist.

These things are not going to occur at once, but over a period of time in step-by-step fashion. It is impossible to view the societal upheavals which have occurred as result of Covid-19 as not being a major step in the journey to the end of the age.

Never before here in the U.S. have we seen people cooped up in their homes for such extended periods of time. Never has our entertainment-crazed society witnessed the shutting down of our sports and recreational industries (movie and live-show theaters, amusement and theme parks). Never before have we had to “social-distance” ourselves and take such protective precautions as prolonged mask-wearing.

And playing a major hand in all this has been local, city, state, and national governments – each having their say, and each implementing laws and restrictions based on their scientific, political, and biblical/humanist beliefs.

And everything happened so fast!

During the early days of the pandemic here in the States, there were small steps being taken to stem the tide of the virus. For instance, professional sports leagues canceled a few games here and there. Then, before batting an eye, entire tournaments and seasons were canceled – or at least suspended – and that was that! Finished. No recourse.

And then came the racially-infused riots and the “topsy-turvying” of society. Violent protesters became saintly while our police forces became demonic. Liberals continue to be elevated as good while conservatives continue to be vilified as evil.

In all, we have become an “Isaiah 5:20” nation where we “call evil good, and good evil,” “substitute darkness for light and light for darkness,” and “substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!” (Read my blog, “Beyond Isaiah 5:20”)

Do you really believe things are going to return to the way they were before the pandemic? I can’t see it happening. Rather, the world has turned a dark corner and our steps will never be retraced. We are spiraling headlong to the end of the age and all it entails. According to the Bible’s prophetic writings, things will only get worse.

And finding a cure for Covid-19 has nothing to with anything!