Why 2020 is So Different for You

Posted on August 1, 2020


By David Ettinger

Unprecedented Year
Yes, 2020 is an “unprecedented” year. This means we’ve never seen the kind of things happening in 2020 occur in years past. And for some of us, this is saying much as we have many years to look back on!

The reason 2020 is so unlike others, of course, is the Covid-19 pandemic that has disrupted all of our lives. Add to this the unending civil disobedience and the incomprehensible push to defund police departments, and we we’ve got a year like no other.

The Difference
But what really makes 2020 so different is that for the first time, you are part of the headlines! When you read online or watch on TV that as of August 1 there have been 17,801,022 cases of Covid-19 and 683,882 deaths worldwide,[1] that’s you to one degree or another! Either you have contracted the coronavirus, or know someone who has, or has died from it.

When you read about the vast number of businesses that have closed and the people who lost their jobs, that’s you! You have either lost your job, know someone who has, or have had your daily routine altered by a weakened economy.

When you read about the latest mask-wearing mandates handed down statewide or locally, this directly concerns you. Whether you live in a place which requires mask-wearing any time you leave your home, or as here in Orlando, Florida, on a more limited basis, you have your mask-donning orders!

Yes, you are the headlines! For all of your life you have read the headlines and seen them as something distant from you. But not anymore! You are the headlines because everything happening now – the pandemic, the riots, the defunding of law-enforcement agencies – directly affects you as never before. When you hear the latest news, you now say, “Hey wait, that’s me!”

The Greatest Headline
And another thing: You have no idea where all this is heading. You have no idea what the aftermath of 2020 will be. Will things get better or worse? What headlines await you?

But if Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior, you should not be alarmed. For no matter what happens next, you are part of the greatest headline of all:

“[Your name here] is a Child of God and Has Been
Granted Eternal Life in Everlasting Paradise!”

If this headline speaks of you, then this most different of years – this unprecedented 2020 – is but a pothole in the road to glory and bliss. May you walk on it with joy and hope knowing EXACTLY what awaits you!

[1] https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/?utm_campaign=homeAdvegas1?