Sadly, Blogs Christians Read Least

Posted on August 17, 2020


By David Ettinger

What Sells
Blogging since 2015, I can recognize what “floats the boats” of most Christian readers.

End-times prophecy is big. Even bigger is all things Covid-19. Just that phrase in a headline draws readers. Another Christian “crowd pleaser” is blogs with “President Trump” in the headline – especially if there is a perception I will be trashing the “other side.” And naturally, blogs on politics go well with Bible believers.

Blogs about blog-writing “sell well,” as do blogs about the craft of writing. Other “sure-fire” Christian-drawing headline words include “BLM,” “racism,” “riots,” “civil unrest,” and “democrats.”

What Doesn’t Sell
Headline words and topics which do not interest Christians are “Jesus,” “God,” “Abraham,” “Moses,” “David,” “prayer,” books of the Bible, and devotionals. Particularly if these words and topics contain no controversy.

And most sadly among blogs least read by Christians is “expositional writing.” This kind of writing seeks to explain, expound upon, illuminate, or “expose.” The emphasis of Christian expositional writing is teaching the Word of God, taking a verse, phrase, or passage of Scripture and examining it. Expositional writing should be at the top of the list for Christians as they help us to know God and His Word better.

I notice this not only with my writing – of which expositional blogs are the most numerous – but with the bloggers I follow. I read their expositional blogs with great interest and appreciation – and then scan down to notice how few “likes” and comments they receive.

Why This is So
Christians don’t revere the Bible as they once did. Much of this has to do with churches utilizing but a small part of the Bible, often relegating the Old Testament – particularly the “Minor” Prophets – to the leper colony of pulpit-teaching.

When I gave my life to Christ in 1986, I attended a church which challenged us to “feed ourselves,” that is, to read our Bibles daily – all 66 books! That was the church for me as almost from the beginning of my Christian walk I had a passion for the Bible – for knowing everything I could about it. Over the years I have even read 3 commentaries from cover to cover. Crazy stuff!

I hope this doesn’t sound like bragging; just making the point that all Christians should have a passion for the Bible, as it is God’s Living Word – His primary method of communicating to us.

Biblical ignorance is one of Christendom’s greatest plagues. In fact, as a longtime Sunday school teacher I have gotten in trouble for being too critical. For instance, when I would ask the class what I regard as an easy question ­– i.e. how many tribes Israel was composed of – I received blank stares in return.

This really made my blood boil, and I would say something such as: “How long have you folks professed to be Christians? What have you been doing all these years? How can you not know something so basic – and from the Book of Genesis, no less!”

I lost more people that way!

A Sad Reality
It is a sad reality that Christians don’t read their Bibles, are not encouraged to, and really don’t care to. It is no surprise to me, then, that my expositional blogs are my least read, and probably the least read of your blogs.

Regardless, Christians need to continue providing instructive Bible-teaching in hopes of edifying those believers seeking to grow in grace, discernment, and the knowledge of God’s precious and inspired Word!