No Problem With Block Editor

Posted on September 9, 2020


By David Ettinger

Hi everyone, just a short post here.

I’m noticing quite a few blogs devoted to the relatively new WordPress Block Editor format. No one seems to like it, and others are having problems with it.

I’ve been using it for about 3 months and am having no problems with it. At first, I noticed things were changed, so I spent about 20 minutes or so investigating, and I figured it all out fast enough.

One change I noticed is that photos can’t be placed within copy, but must be placed between paragraphs. I actually like that look better.

Also, when wanting to do a quote out, in Classic Editor I would just highlight the copy I wanted and hit the “quote” icon. With Block Editor, I have to copy and save the portion I want highlighted (hence temporarily pulling it out of the blog), then hit “quote” and then paste the portion I want highlighted. And extra step, but it, too, looks good.

I also heard someone mention that Block Editor will not allow for 2 spaces between sentences. I say, “good”! Two spaces between sentences is for high school and college. There is no place for double spacing in real publishing. I began in the newspaper and magazine biz in 1981 and have NEVER seen professional publishers use double spacing. Double spacing looks clunky, old-fashioned, and amateurish.

My primary objection to Block Editor is that it is what I call a “horizontal” change, not a “vertical” one. In other words, the change from Classic Editor is, from what I can see, purely a lateral one, not a better one. It just exchanges one format for another format of even, not better, quality. Though I figured out Block Editor pretty easily, I can’t see the purpose of it.

And by the way, you might have noticed the change in Facebook’s format. That’s a vertical change, and I’m quite fond of it!

What do you think?