Yes, Christians Can Vote Democrat, But…

Posted on November 11, 2020


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Thinking in Grace

The political calculus required to do so is strange, considering the trends in the Democratic Party. One Christian writer puts the conflict this way, “Or, is voting for abortion and persecution of Christians a sign of a poorly developed Christian worldview and theology?” Usually the question isn’t put so bluntly, but the writer pulls no punches. The question is worth exploring.

Political calculations are often complex. In the recent election, many Christians voted Democrat, not because of abortion or religious persecution (who would vote for a candidate intentionally because that candidate goes against one’s faith?) but instead because abortion isn’t likely to end under any president. This subset of evangelicals has sort of thrown in the towel and declared that abortion is an evil that Christians will have to learn to live with. Republicans haven’t gotten rid of it, so there’s no use voting for them anyway. Democrats care more…

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