Enjoying Life Amid Covid, Election Fallout

Posted on November 14, 2020


By David Ettinger

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon today in Orlando – November 14, 82 degrees. Last Saturday it was 84 degrees.

A friend and I had had enough of the madness shackling our nation. He lives just 2 miles from Disney World; I live just 3 miles from Universal Studios.

Me in front of the famous Universal globe holding my latest purchase for my grandson.

We decided that, as Christians – and residing where we do – it was time to start getting back in the game. Here are two things not everyone realizes about theme parks:

  1. They are fantastic for walking and exercise, and you get plenty of both at theme parks.
  2. Even without entering the parks themselves, there is tons to do at the surrounding properties of theme parks – at no admission cost.

Last Saturday, we enjoyed 4 hours at Disney Springs. There are no rides there as it is a shopping mecca, but it is oozing with Disney ambience and character. I purchased a Baby Yoda mask there. If you don’t know who Baby Yoda is, don’t worry about. But suffice it to say, 62-year-old-men wearing Baby Yoda masks is rather odd, but it’s good to break the norm sometimes.

This afternoon, my friend and I hung out at the Universal Studios properties, visiting CityWalk, the 1960s-themed Cabana Bay Resort Hotel, and the Loews Royal Pacific Resort. I even shelled out $27 to buy my 4-year-old grandson Zac a Dispiclable Me Zapper gun. It was all great fun and we had a blast.

No great message here, only to say that in the midst of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the fallout from the recent Presidential Election, it feels really good to romp around every now and then in the land of the living.

I highly recommend it!