From Politics to the Gospel

Posted on November 16, 2020


By David Ettinger

A Launching Pad
I have written before about using political discussions as a launching pad for the Gospel. After all, Christians are not on this Earth to win political arguments, but to tell people about Jesus Christ.

On Facebook recently, I had the opportunity to do just that as a dear friend (name changed here) took issue with a blog I wrote. Here is the discussion, beginning with my friend.

The Discussion
David, I read your blogs because I use it as an information source, important for me in trying to understand why we are where we are at this point, which is a complete state of stupidity. I mostly blame Christians for putting this narcissistic a__hole [President Trump] in power and giving him credence. In addition to casting millions of votes for him (twice), Christians have legitimized this idiot and provided him cover and are easily his biggest endorsers (you continue to do so in another blog by alleging voter fraud with no proof). This is something you will have to live with forever (decisions have consequences). And like it or not, that has driven people like me further from Christianity instead of closer and I believe will greatly harm your cause for decades to come.

You provided the explanation several months ago for this blind support when you explained that it doesn’t matter to “Christians” if someone is a lying sack of s__t that screws porn stars behind his wife’s back, as long as you believe he’s in line with your “biblical worldview.” I find that insulting and extremely dangerous and it has proven so in a very personal way for me, with no City suffering more from this ineptitude than my own (see Walmart shooter who was inspired by the d___head presidents rhetoric and current Covid situation in El Paso which he has ignored).

I actually agreed with the blog above about politicians listening to Ezekiel (you are a talented writer and your bible knowledge is unmatched). We all should want politicians who are in it to serve us and not themselves, which is why I never vote by party but rather by character (which your candidate lacks). However, you never point out in this blog that you and your Christian friends never applied these guidelines you wrote about and instead voted for the biggest narcissist in the world.

Forgive me for my anger, but I just find the fact you know better (as stated in this blog), but allowed your “biblical worldview” to override your better judgment, to be rather confusing and dangerous. Again, I read your blogs to try and understand so-called “Christian” thinking, which has put not only my City, but my country in danger.

I will never forgive “Christians” for that. And although I grew up in a Christian home, I will never identify that way again due to the damage “Christianity” has inflicted the past four years. While I am perplexed why someone as smart and talented as you would help inflict this damage with your blogs and votes (twice!), I am grateful for the explanations you have provided me. I just pray you and other “Christians” like you can live with yourselves, because many of us blame your way of “thinking” for the current situation.

My Reply
Hi Sam. I certainly understand your anger, especially in light of what El Paso is enduring (both now and with the shooting).

On a personal level, regarding President Trump, for the record, I did not vote for him in 2016, but did this year. Also, back during his impeachment push, had that actually resulted in him being ousted from office and Vice President Pence replacing him, I would have been satisfied.

Regarding the issue of the biblical worldview, which I know gets under your skin, this truly is the number one issue. This is because Christians regard, or should regard, the Bible as God’s true Word. Of course, number one on the list is abortion, which we view as murder. Even if this was the lone issue, it would be enough for supporting political entities that support life, and abhor its murder in the womb. The Democrat Party has supported abortion –­ to the tune of 60 million-plus since 1973.

To use your words, “This is something you will have to live with forever (decisions have consequences).” And, “will greatly harm your cause for decades to come,” let alone at the judgment seat of God.

I don’t know what President Trump’s true view of abortion is, but he has supported the cause (legally speaking) of life in the womb, and this looms large with Christians.

Also, the Republican Party has supported religious freedom. For instance, Christian bakers and florists should never have to use their skills for causes they regard as sin (same-sex marriage). Liberal lawmakers would force us to do so. In the same way, a Christian should never walk into a Jewish-owned, Muslim-owned, or atheist-owned bakery and demand they provide a cake with the words, “Jesus Christ is Lord.” These establishments should have the right to refuse such a request. Christians respect their right to do so.

Under Democrat leadership (especially the Progressive wing), it will be only a matter of time before the Bible will be legally declared a hate manual, and that its practice will be illegal. Again, I have no idea what the President thinks in his heart (as opposed to the true Christian Vice President Pence), but at least he has legislated in favor of religious freedom.

As far as finding blame for all that is happening, human scapegoats are easy. The truth is that we are a race of people under judgment because we have turned our backs on God, plain and simple. Obedience to God is what brings peace and blessing, not the people who run countries.

But ultimately, Sam, the most important thing of all is the message of the Gospel: That human beings were born separate from God because of natural sin; will be punished for eternity in the Lake of Fire (Revelation 20:14-15) because of it; but that God has provided a redeemer in Jesus Christ (Romans 6:23); and that those who accept His lordship will spend eternal life in Heaven with Him (John 3:36; 1 John 5:11-12).

And this, by leaps and bounds, is THE bottom line. When you and I first met, I was in my 30s and you either the same or in your upper 20s (I can’t remember our age difference). Next month I turn 63, and you are now in your 50s. We are all heading to the end of this life; as the expression goes, “No one gets out alive.” It is inevitable.

And when we do, we will go before God Almighty for judgment. We will not be judged for our political views or our achievements, but whether or not we accepted or rejected the free offer of eternal life in Christ. No glibness or passionate argument will change this truth. God has set the rules, and we either accept or refuse.

The opportunity for salvation is now (in this life), and now only. May God move your heart and open your eyes that you may see His truth and not be clouded by the evil that infests our world like a plague.

God’s peace upon you, Sam, in these challenging times in which we live. 

Please let us be in prayer as never before for our loved ones and friends who do not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior!