Embracing Abundant Joy

Posted on January 21, 2021


By David Ettinger

Unexpected Development
Yesterday was Presidential Inaugural Day here in the U.S., and my mind was occupied, resulting in several things I wanted to write – all on the “heavy” side.

Then, shortly after noon, my son Aaron texted me. He had taken the day off from work and was bringing my grandson Zac here to beautiful Old Winter Garden (just outside Orlando, Florida) to visit me at work.

I was thrilled at this unexpected development in my day!

For one thing, though I see my son, daughter-in-law, and grandson once weekly if not twice, I love seeing them anytime I get the opportunity. And for another thing, my workmates had only seen Zac, now 4, on my Facebook page, but never in person. They would now do so.

A Wonderful Visit
Aaron and Zac arrived at 1:30, came up to meet everyone, and I took the afternoon off to be with them.

We had a blast! After an ice cream stop, we drove a half-mile to Lake Apopka – Florida’s 4th-largest lake – where there is much birdlife to behold – as well as a baby gator – and a great park.

Zac took it all in with glee, especially the spinning ride, on which he stopped long enough to pose for a picture with Gramps (bottom photo). We then headed back to downtown and spent time at the city’s splash pad. Because Zac didn’t have a change of clothing, he ran through the parts where he wouldn’t get wet – and dragged Gramps with him! (We still got wet).

The lead picture was taken there, and no, I did not lose half my face. In trying to get the rising waters plus Zac and me into the same frame, I overcompensated and cut off half my face. Most people tell me I look better that way!

We spent some more time walking around town, and then said good-bye.

Embracing Joy
Despite all that his happening in the world, there is still much joy to be had. Yesterday was a total – and unexpected – day of joy for me, and I immersed myself in it.

I occasionally read blogs from fellow Christians relating how fearful they are of all that is happening. Others express anger. Others feel anxious and uncertain. But I am reminded of John 10:10b (Jesus speaking): “I have come so that they may have life and have it in abundance.” This is God’s design for His children, and we should be grateful He makes it possible for us to live abundantly.

Yesterday was an abundant day of joy for me. Despite all that is wrong with the world, I had no problem shoving it all to the furthest recesses of my mind and embracing the abundant joy with which the Lord saw fit to bless me!

May our gracious God do the same for you in these trying days!