Revelation 10: The Angel & the Little Scroll

Posted on March 2, 2021


By David Ettinger

What This Is
Back in the mid-to-late 1990s, I taught a Sunday school class verse by verse on the Book of Revelation. This series represents my notes for each class. (I have done some updating as some of my understandings have changed over the years.) I came across them recently and decided to post them. If you wish to use these notes as a study guide, the way to do it is as follows: Read the verse first in your Bible, then look at the corresponding notes here for commentary.

For some reason, I don’t have notes for Chapters 1-3, therefore this series begins with Chapters 4-5. Following the Chapter 4-5 study notes, each chapter will be presented individually.

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After the sixth seal, there is an interlude before the seventh seal. The seventh seal is the trumpets. Now, there is going to be another interlude before the blowing of the seventh trumpet (which occurs in 11:15).

Verse 1
* Regarding the appearance of the angel, he is described in a similar way to the glory of God. Because of this, many believe Jesus is appearing as an angel.

* However, certain factors argue against this:

1) This angel is introduced as “another” angel, identifying it as an angel.

2) Throughout Revelation, Jesus is clearly identified as the Lord.

* Regardless, the purpose of the angel is to present the little scroll.

Verse 2
* The primary purpose of a scroll is to deliver a message.

* In this case, the scroll has 2 purposes:

1) It can be seen as the Word of God.

2) More likely, the little scroll here is the bowl judgments (to be delivered in Chapter 16).

* The big scroll in Chapter 5 contained the trumpet judgments. The trumpet judgments were longer in duration (we know from 9:5 that the fifth trumpet judgment alone will last for 5 months).

* The bowl judgments will be much shorter (probably 30 days, i.e., Daniel 12:11-13).

* The fact that the angel as one foot on Earth and another on the seas shows God’s sovereignty over ALL the world.

Verse 3
* The roar of the lion indicates royalty, kingship.

* Thunder is associated with judgment.

Verse 4
* The thunders spoke in a language John could understand. John, just doing his job, is about to write down what the thunders say, but a voice from Heaven prevents him for doing so.

Verse 5
* Raising the right hand to Heaven shows that a sacred vow is being made.

* Daniel 12:5-7.

Verse 6
* We get this very detailed description of God to show us His sovereignty and authority over all (1 Kings 20:23).

* Also, this is an oath made in the name of the Almighty that these things will indeed come to pass.

* “There will be no more delay!” In other words, what is going to happen IS going to happen. Most likely, the final judgment on Earth by God and probably an ultimate reference to the bowls.

Verse 7
* “The days when the seventh angel is about to sound his trumpet …” In other words, not until we arrive at that late date in history will we know God’s full revelation concerning His plan for the end of this age of human history and details about the second coming of Christ.

* “Will be accomplished …” Will be completed. All things will be made known THEN.

* “… the prophets.” We believe what we read in the Old Testament, but we sometimes question how their end-time prophecies will come about. All questions will be answered in full at the end of the age.

Verse 8
* Again, the angel is not giving a command, but the voice from Heaven is.

Verse 9
* “Eating the scroll.” See Jeremiah 15:16-18; Ezekiel 2:9-3:4.

* Since the scroll represents the Word of God, eating it represents fellowship with God, digesting God’s Word, and heeding it.

* The fact that it was both sweet and bitter shows that God’s promises and blessings must also be taken along with His wrath and judgment.

Verse 10
* When we read ALL of God’s Word, it would not be unusual to experience what John does here.

Verse 11
* Some believe this is an indication that John would be released to witness.

* More likely, he had just witnessed the trumpet judgments and was given a short break. He must now continue to write down the things he sees.

* For John, eating the scroll served to nourish and strengthen him to be able to write down the remarkable things that would be coming next.