A Phrase for Every Bible Book

Posted on April 13, 2021


By David Ettinger

The headline says it all. Just a little intellectual exercise. Kind of an off-the-cuff drill, with the first thought that came to mind.

If you would like to contribute a phrase to a particular Bible book (or multiple books), please do so in the comments; I’d love to see them!

66 Bible Book Phrases

Genesis: The beginning and beyond.

Exodus: A people set free; a nation born.

Leviticus: Be holy because God is holy.

Numbers: The failure of God’s people – over and over again.

Deuteronomy: Laying down the Law.

Joshua: Conquering and claiming a homeland.

Judges: A society gone amok.

Ruth: And now, this beautiful reprieve.

1 Samuel: Giving the people exactly what they asked for.

2 Samuel: God’s man appointed; the Messianic line established.

1 Kings: Two kingdoms – 1 very wicked, 1 pretty wicked.

2 Kings: Time runs out: To exile you go!

1 Chronicles: Names, names, and more names – but with a purpose.

2 Chronicles: C’mon Judean kings – you should have known better!

Ezra: The exile is over; the Hebrews go home.

Nehemiah: Building a wall in the name of Yahweh!

Job: Unbearable suffering and God’s abundant grace.

Psalms: Singing the praises of Yahweh!

Proverbs: Say nothing, listen carefully, and learn!

Ecclesiastes: Somewhat dour, but an ultimate uplifting message.

Song of Songs: Romantic love between a man and woman expressed.

Isaiah: A sinful world, and the glory that awaits the redeemed.

Jeremiah: A punished people, and a marvelous New Covenant.

Ezekiel: Visions, wonders, and God’s wondrous future plans.

Daniel: The end of the age foretold.

Hosea: Sin, forgiveness, redemption, restoration.

Joel: Behold, the Day of the Lord is at hand!

Amos: Sin exposed, future restoration unveiled.

Obadiah: Arrogance and pride brought low.

Jonah: Disobedience punished, corrected, and – hopefully – learned from.

Micah: A Savior is born!

Nahum: Nineveh shattered.

Habakkuk: Questioning God, receiving a soul-stirring reply.

Zephaniah: God’s wrath unleashed!

Haggai: Prioritizing the work of God.

Zechariah: A frightening future; a glorious aftermath.

Malachi: God’s people dropping the ball.

Matthew: All hail the King!

Mark: Our miracle-working Savior.

Luke: Our Savior – from birth to death to resurrection!

John: Behold the Lamb!

Acts: The Church is born.

Romans: 4 great doctrines: Condemnation, justification, sanctification, glorification.

1 Corinthians: God’s people put back on the right path.

2 Corinthians: Comfort and forgiveness.

Galatians: Grace is superior to the Law.

Ephesians: Living as God’s elect.

Philippians: Rejoicing in the Lord.

Colossians: Exalting the glorious Christ.

1 Thessalonians: Encouraging a persecuted church.

2 Thessalonians: Much-needed Last Days instruction.

1 Timothy: A primer for Christians in ministry.

2 Timothy: Further instruction, and the swan song of a Christian giant.

Titus: Much-needed ministry instruction.

Philemon: Forgiving and restoring an errant believer.

Hebrews: Out with the old; in with the new!

James: Use your heads, Christians!

1 Peter: Persevering in a sinful world.

2 Peter: Scoffers scoffing.

1 John: The call for Christians to love.

2 John: Continuing the walk in love.

3 John: Pursue good, shun evil.

Jude: Beware false teachers.

Revelation: The end of an era; all things made new!