Thank You, Lord, For Spanish Moss!

Posted on September 2, 2021


By David Ettinger

In 2001, I moved to Orlando, Florida, after living in New Mexico for more than 22 years.

The startling contrast from dramatic desert landscapes and majestic, purple mountains to lush green vegetation and towering trees took quite the getting used to. And this not to mention the climatic shock of arid air to soggy humidity.

But what took no getting used to was the prevalence of Spanish moss which drapes the soaring trees of Central Florida and hangs down like icicles from snowy roofs (which of course doesn’t exist here).

I can’t say why the Spanish moss captivates me as it does, but I instantly took a fancy to it upon my arrival here, and my enchantment for it has not diminished. Whenever I walk in areas rife with the stringy stuff, I love standing directly under it, the moss like a canopy of God’s beauty engulfing me in His glory.

Maybe that’s it. Perhaps the Spanish moss – the way it stretches down to we puny mortals from high above – reminds me of the way God extends His hand to we sinful human beings here on Earth as if to say, “Take comfort in Me, give your life to Me, and I will hold you in My hand for eternity.”

Or perhaps the Spanish moss is just one of a multitude of examples of the beauty with which God has blessed the inhabitants of Earth. To me, these courtly trees are symbolic of God’s glory, grandeur, and greatness; a reminder that He is in complete control of all the chaos occurring on this orb destined for divine judgment.

Well, I certainly won’t go down that road, but, for whatever reason, there is just something about these Spanish-moss giants which makes me want to rejoice in our Great God and King, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you indeed, Lord, for Spanish moss!