Covid-19 Harbinger Followup

Posted on December 8, 2021


By David Ettinger

Two Developments
Two developments occurred around the same time I posted my blog, “Covid-19: An End-Times Harbinger.”

First, we received the news that because of the products shortages occurring in the U.S., we at Zion’s Hope, Inc. in Winter Garden, Florida, will not be able to print our magazine, Zion’s Fire.

This is not just a “big deal” for us, but a “huge deal.”

Our international magazine, which printed its first edition in 1990, has a paid circulation of approximately 56,000.

In almost 32 years, we have never missed mailing out an issue of Zion’s Fire.

Now, however, because of what is happening economically in the U.S. – and which can trace its roots back to the Covid-19 pandemic – there is a massive paper shortage severely affecting the magazine industry.

To counter this, we are emailing to our subscribers PDF versions of the magazine with the promise that the print versions will follow – though we have no idea when that will be. Therefore, folks who don’t have a computer – and there are more of them than you think – may not receive their November-December issue of Zion’s Fire until May!

Mailing Setback
The second development is that we had a stack of mailings to our Australia constituents returned to us because that country is so locked down they are not even receiving overseas mail!

This is overkill, and yes, a direct result of Covid-19.

And, to my thinking, these are both harbingers of things to come. Today it’s a shortage of paper for publishing entities; tomorrow it could be a shortage of paper products (toilet paper, for instance, which we’ve already seen), and even certain foods.

Today it’s one Western country refusing to accept mail from overseas because they don’t want to “import” Covid-19 into their country. (Or could it be that our envelopes reveal we are a Christian organization?) Tomorrow it could be nations shutting themselves up against the outside world in every area possible.

The world is slowly working itself into a frenzy over Covid-19; imagine what it will do when something worse comes along – and something worse WILL come along.

It’s all leading to a planet going insane and collapsing under the weight of fear and paranoia to the point where it will seek a world savior. And, indeed, a world savior is waiting in the wings, and the Bible calls him the “man of lawlessness” or “man of sin” (2 Thessalonians 2:3). This is the Antichrist.

End-times harbingers are all around us, so keep your eyes open, your minds alert, pray consistently, and “Watch” (Mark 13:37).