A Small Spiritual Victory

Posted on January 10, 2022


By David Ettinger

Increasing Negativity
Just about any poll these days pertaining to Christianity reveals negative numbers.

Bibles for sale at the Silver Shekel Shop

For instance, a website called Outside the Walls reveals the following:

  • 50% of Christians say they are deeply committed to practicing their faith, but only 11% have a biblical worldview.
  • 73% of churched Millennials believe they are gifted at sharing their faith, but half of them (47%) think it is wrong to share their faith with someone of a different faith.
  • 85% of young people ages 12-25 don’t see their church as a place they can turn to in times of trouble.
  • More than half of all evangelicals are over age 55 compared to just one-third in 2008.
  • Only half of America’s pastors (51%) have a biblical worldview.
  • Less than 10% of sermons preached in Evangelical churches even mention Hell, Sin, Salvation, or Heaven.
  • For the first time ever, less than half of Americans (47%) say they belong to or are members of a local church.[1]

None of these numbers should surprise Christians as this is the way the Bible tells us things are going. More and more people will continue to turn from God as we move ever nearer to the end of the age.

God’s Work
Yet, God’s work in the lives of individuals across the globe is going strong. God is still very much at work in the hearts of individuals from all walks of life, and still calling people to Himself.

A small example of this is the 2021 numbers report from our Christian bookstore here at Zion’s Hope. The Silver Shekel Shop has Bibles, books, gifts, and souvenirs from Israel, as well as various other Christian resources.

We have also proven to be a fount of hope and encouragement for people visiting our lovely town of Old Winter Garden, located just a few miles outside of Orlando, Florida.

During the past 2 “Covid-19 years,” the Silver Shekel has done increased business as more and more people are walking through our doors – and purchasing products which lift their spirits.

One of the items seeing the greatest growth in sales is the Bible. In fact, more Bibles were sold in 2021 than in any other year since we opened our doors November 1, 2012. And 2020, as well, proved a healthy year for Bible sales.

This Bible-buying surge comes as our political leaders, the entertainment industry, and institutions of both higher and lower education continue their unrelenting assault upon God, the Lord Jesus, Christianity, and, of course, the Bible.

And despite the global trends which speak of fewer people coming to Christ, people are nonetheless coming. In a culture which is actively shredding the foundations of hope, at least here in a little nook of Central Florida people are finding hope.

They are finding hope in God’s Word. They are picking up God’s Word and thumbing through it. They are purchasing God’s Word and taking it home with them or giving it as gifts to others. And they are reading their Bibles.

The world in which they have invested so much hope is failing them miserably and they are searching for an infallible hope. They are finding it in the sovereign God of Creation and in the Bible – the same God and Bible millions have been finding hope in for centuries.

Adding Up the Victories
Our 2021 Bible sales won’t transform our morally decaying world, but it is a spiritual victory – one of an abundance of small, even tiny, spiritual victories throughout the world.

Added up, these small victories make for a much larger one, and is proof of several hopeful truths: God is in control; He is actively working in the lives of individuals; and He is not done saving the lost.

May God continue to draw people to His precious Word and continue to win one small spiritual victory after another as the return of the Lord Jesus Christ looms ever larger!

[1] https://www.rotw.com/this-weeks-shocking-stat?mwm_id=314025773220&gclid=CjwKCAiAz–OBhBIEiwAG1rIOvfBhMKdwRprSY8CkNkuVZDXZTJtZpUdsNRxSpOrXlKiee_s5dAqUBoC4W0QAvD_BwE