My ‘Perfect’ Blogs

Posted on January 21, 2022


By David Ettinger

Not Full of Myself
Hah! I thought this title might get your attention! “Wow, this guy is full of himself!” you may have uttered silently or out loud.

It does sound rather boastful, self-serving, and self-aggrandizing. I assure you, however, this is not the case.

Yesterday I wrote a blog titled, “A Perfect Verse to Share With Youngsters.” When I went to file the Word document in my “Blogs” folder, I noticed just how many blogs I had written with the word “Perfect” in the titles.

There are 7 altogether, and the other 6 are titled:

Despite these titles, let me assure you that my blogs are far from perfect – as if I needed to tell you this. And really, I am not full of myself.

What IS Perfect!
But I’ll tell you what is perfect – and that is the inspiration behind these 7 blogs: the Word of God.

Yes, the Bible is perfect.

I have taken some friendly fire from readers regarding some of my posts questioning the large numbers of certain Bible passages (particularly in the Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles books). My point in these blogs is that clerical errors in the transmission of the Bible has occurred.

And really, this cannot be disputed, despite the efforts of some readers to do so.

(See my blog: “There ARE Actual Errors in the Bible.”)

The Bible’s perfection comes from its original communication of God to the human writers of Scripture. It was those original communications ­– penned by the authors in the original texts and unsullied by clerical translation and transmission – which are perfect.

But despite the clerical errors which have crept in to Scripture, it is amazing how NONE of them have affected Bible teaching, doctrine, or truth. The errors are of a pure technical nature, and have no bearing whatsoever on God’s truth as passed on to fallible human beings.

What This Means
Of course, critics have used the skewed numbers of the Bible to question the “Good Book’s” legitimacy, but they have no ground to stand on. For though in His sovereignty God allowed some clerical errors to trickle through, He permitted no such flaws to tarnish His divine truth.

What this means is that we can be assured that the Bible we read today is precisely God’s Word to us. That Word originally was written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek and then translated into numerous languages, but the content, context, and conciseness of God’s communication to the human race is perfect.

The Bible is perfectly accurate in its teaching of God’s divinity and His acts of creation. The Bible is perfect in its communication of God’s commandments and instructions for human living. In other words, when we read God’s perfect Word, we know exactly what He expects of us.

That King David’s son Absalom actually plotted his rebellion for 4 years rather than the scribally-incorrect 40 years (KJV, 2 Samuel 15:7) has no bearing whatsoever on what God teaches us about Christian behavior, ethics, prayer, holy living, and end-times prophecy.

So yes, the Bible is absolutely perfect as the means by which God communicates with His people. And because it is, I have no problem including the word “perfect” in so many of my blog titles.

Are the blogs or their author perfect? Not on your life! But so long as I base my blogs on God’s perfect Word, I feel perfectly confident in utilizing this perfectly apt word in sharing my rather imperfect but well-intentioned thoughts and ideas.

I hope I made myself perfectly clear!