How A Christian Writing Career Began

Posted on March 22, 2022


By David Ettinger

I have been a professional Christian writer since 1989. By “professional,” I mean “paid.” And in 2001, I began making my entire career via Christian writing.

I was reminded of the genesis of this Christian writing career through reminiscing. Back on January 8, Marv Rosenthal – the founder of Zion’s Hope, Inc. – went home to the Lord at the age of 86, and recently I found myself thinking back on our long relationship.

I did this by going through the old shoebox I kept of the many correspondences I had with Marv from 1989 through 2001 – the years I wrote for his magazine Zion’s Fire from afar. Though the ministry of Zion’s Hope was, and is, in Orlando, Florida, I lived in New Mexico.

In 1989, I invited Marv – by letter – to my church to lead a Bible-teaching conference. He wrote back saying he’d love to, and wanted me to call at my soonest convenience. I did so almost at once, and within 5 minutes – when I told him I was a journalist working for the El Paso Herald-Post – he offered me a job.

I couldn’t take it as I was divorced and my ex-wife and I shared custody of our then-6-year-old son Aaron. I told him I wouldn’t be able to move to Florida until Aaron graduated from high school in 12 years.

Unfazed, Marv said he’d hold the job open for all those years, but in the meantime invited me to submit my testimony for publication in his spanking-new magazine.

I did so, and the letter published below is Marv’s reaction to my article. Marv paid me for my efforts, and invited me to continue writing for Zion’s Fire. I did just that for next 12 years from New Mexico – and found publication in other magazines as well.

I moved to Orlando (with Aaron) in 2001, and began working as a fulltime writer/editor at Zion’s Hope. But it all started with the letter, which I thought you’d enjoy reading.

And that’s how a Christian writing career began!