The City of Orlando’s Hypocrisy

Posted on July 5, 2022


By David Ettinger

My Home City
I have called the city of Orlando, Florida, “Home” for the past 21-plus years.

I love living here and just about everything Orlando has to offer. This includes the theme parks, which I frequent several times a year; our vast greenery (compared to my former home state, New Mexico); our wonderful winter weather; and all there is to do here.

Politically, Orlando – indeed all of Central Florida – is pretty much 50-50 when it comes to “red” and “blue,” and for the most part, the city is governed with this even division in mind.

Our mayor, Buddy Dyer, has been in his post for a whopping 19 years. A Democrat, he has done a good job and, to the best I can determine, is a good and fair leader.

From a Christian perspective, Orlando is home to many fine Bible-believing churches which hold firmly to the Word of God, and several international ministries, including Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) and Wycliffe Bible Translators.

But back to the main point: Orlando is pretty much 50-50 politically, which makes the following so disappointing.

Inexplicable Tweet
On July 1, 2022, the City of Orlando inexplicably released this tweet regarding its Fourth of July fireworks event:

A lot of people probably don’t want to celebrate our nation right now, and we can’t blame them. When there is so much division, hate and unrest, why on earth would you want to have a party celebrating any of it?

The tweet went on to say, in essence, “Despite this, come to our fireworks demonstration Monday night.” The statement received much backlash, and on Saturday, the city issued an apology.

The Hypocrisy
When I read this, I immediately noted the hypocrisy, which concerns this part of the tweet: “A lot of people probably don’t want to celebrate our nation right now, and we can’t blame them. When there is so much division, hate and unrest …”

Regarding the “division, hate, and unrest,” wouldn’t this be hurtful to those on both sides of the political spectrum? Wouldn’t both sides be impacted by such hate and division?

Indeed, is this tweet even remotely 2-sided?

It is not. This tweet is a reaction to the Supreme Court’s ruling sending abortion legislation back to the states. The tweet is also an indictment against conservatives.

In other words, many pro-choice proponents are hurting, and, according to the Orlando tweet, are victims of division and hate. But aren’t pro-lifers hurting as well, as we have since 1973? What about those of us who believe the stopping of a beating heart to be the terrible taking of an innocent life?

Does the Orlando tweet respect our perspective?

The same includes the progressive-liberal support of all things transgender. This is very big in Orlando and continually picking up steam. Transgender-rights advocates believe all of society should embrace their viewpoint, and are hurt and angered that many of us don’t.

The Orlando tweet stood in full solidarity with them.

But what about we who believe that human beings are “awesomely and wonderfully made” by God (Psalm 139:14) and that regarding God, “Wonderful are Your works, and my soul knows it very well” (same verse).

Did the Orlando tweet have solidarity with us taxpayers who see God’s creative work being trampled underneath by a godless society, and mourn the moral decay of our city and nation?

Of course not. The Orlando tweet was released in full support of the progressive-liberal population of the city and in condemnation of the conservative, primarily God-believing side. In other words, it is conservatives and Christians alone who are creating the “division, hate and unrest.”

No Surprise
Earlier, I referred to the Orlando tweet as “inexplicable,” but I didn’t mean it; I was writing that for effect. I’m not surprised at all by the tweet, its none-too-subtle message, and to and against whom it was directed.

No, I’m not surprised at all, and things will continue along these lines. As the return of Jesus Christ to Earth draws ever nearer, God will give Satan more and more leash to implement his malevolent schemes.

But as believers we must stand firm on biblical Truth, pray more consistently, and ask God for opportunities to share the life-saving Gospel with a world growing darker by the day.