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IMG_0759 - Copy (2)Born and raised in a Jewish family in New York, I moved to New Mexico in 1979. I got married in 1980, earned my BA in English in 1981, became a father in 1983, earned my MA in English in 1985, got divorced in 1986, and gave my life to Jesus Christ that same year. I have been walking with the Lord ever since.

I began my journalism career in 1980, writing for The Roundup, the school paper of New Mexico State University. In 1981, I became a sportswriter for the Las Cruces (New Mexico) Sun-News, and eventually became an editor. I worked at the El Paso (Texas) Herald-Post as an editor/writer from 1987-1997. I worked at the El Paso Times in the same capacity from 1997-2001.

In 2001, I moved to Orlando, FL, where I was the writer/editor at The Holy Land Experience until 2005. I served as writer/editor at First Baptist Church of Orlando from 2005-2010. I currently work at Zion’s Hope, Inc. in Winter Garden, Florida. I also taught English Comp at Valencia College in Orlando from 2010-2012.

I have been published in various Lifeway publications, Single Parent magazine (Focus on the Family), Zion’s Fire magazine, and Real Life magazine. Additionally, I served as managing editor for Zion’s Fire and Real Life. In all, I have written more than 800 articles, about 300 of which are Christian-related.

My book, Overcomers: 30 Stories of Triumph from the Bible, was released in May 2015.

You may reach me at my email address: dettinger47@yahoo.com or on my Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/people/David-Ettinger/100009036475074.

Read my testimony here: https://ettingerwriting.wordpress.com/2017/04/12/my-journey-from-judaism-to-christ-2/

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  2. You got me at Focus on the Family! (I mean, I had already clicked the follow button before that, but you know what I mean….) James Dobson helped raise my three children! Glad to have found your site!


  3. I am so glad that I found your blog, David. I have really been enjoying your posts, they are so informative and, from what I know about theology, your posts are right on.


  4. Looking forward to sharing with you David, one thing I respect greatly in Men is when they stand firm on God’s Truth, it shows Strength of Character and Integrity.

    Christian Love and Blessings – Anne.


    • Hi Anne, thank you for the very kind words. I look forward to reading your posts. In Christ’s peace, David Ettinger.


  5. Thanks for the follow David, please feel free to jump in any time with your thoughts or comments. I really enjoy your posts.Blessings.


    • Hi Bruce. You’re quite welcome for the follow, and most sincere thanks for your “follow” as well. I look forward to “jumping in” with some thoughts, but mostly to learning from another brother in the Lord who loves the Word and has many insights to share. Blessings, David E.

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  6. I am thrilled to meet a Messianic Jew, and ever so happy that you met Christ! Your writing is amazing, but your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah, is what really matters. God bless you!


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