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The ‘Sons of Korah’ Psalmists

March 14, 2023


This post briefly examines the identities of this group of Psalm-writers.

King Asa’s Lamentable Finish

March 8, 2023


This blog should prove as a warning for every Christian as they age and mature.

The Sad Fate of Joseph’s Grandsons

March 1, 2023


This blog briefly looks at a tragic postscript to Joseph's life.

When God Hurls Hailstones

February 24, 2023


This blog briefly examines the more "aggressive" attributes of God.

Don’t Overlook This Heinous Bible Personality!

February 16, 2023


This blog examines a man who should be more noted for the evil he caused.

Moses’ Wayward Grandson

February 11, 2023


This blog examines an unfortunate episode from the Bible involving a great man's descendant.

A Brief Look at the Septuagint

February 10, 2023


This blog looks at the Bible used by apostles and early Church.

The pre-John 3:16 Verses

January 24, 2023


This blog continues a short study on the surrounding verses of John 3:16.

Joseph’s Brothers: Dishonest to the End

January 10, 2023


This blog uses a little-noticed biblical account to make a point.

Oh to Have Such Devotion!

December 9, 2022


This blog gives all Christians a great man of devotion and faith we can emulate!