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Simply Proclaim

March 12, 2019


This blog appeals to believers to simply tell what we know about God.

When Christians Act Ignorantly

March 4, 2019


This blog will help you better navigate your way through difficult situations.

U.S. Politicians to God: “Go Away”

January 30, 2019


This blog explores the spiritual state of the U.S.

China Can’t Defeat God

January 29, 2019


This blog shows us how God triumphs over Christian persecution.

Premier Satanist Foresaw America’s Embrace of Wickedness

January 24, 2019


This blog examines America's sad fulfillment of "prophecy."

The World WILL Bow Before God

December 13, 2018


By David Ettinger A Great PassageThere is a great Old Testament passage I absolutely love. The Israelites, once again disobedient and in a time of discipline by God, went to war with the Philistines and got routed (1 Samuel 4:1-3). Therefore, when they returned to the battlefield, they took the Ark of the Covenant with […]

God, the Ruler of Nations

November 27, 2018


This blog is one which should give believers much comfort.