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Exploring the Synagogue in Jesus’ Day, Part 4

June 11, 2018


This is the fourth of a four-part blog series.

Our Exalted God!

May 22, 2018


This blog looks at the God we worship, the One who lifts up our sunken hearts!

The Humbling of Scornful Rachel

January 19, 2018


This blog explores Jacob's "Number 1" wife, Rachel.

The Crushing Sorrow of Unloved Leah

January 17, 2018


This short fictional account focuses on Jacob's "Number 2" wife.

Jairus’ Daughter: A Living Testament

September 7, 2017


This short "fictional devotion" tells the story of Jairus' daughter from her perspective.

The Great Divide

June 30, 2017


This short story looks at the relationship between a Jewish grandfather and grandson.

Touched By the Glorious Birth

December 31, 2015


The birth of Christ has moved many in various ways. Read an "account" of how Christ's birth moved six biblical personalities.