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Ezekiel’s Silent Torment

May 23, 2019


This blog takes a fictional look at the the prophet Ezekiel and his wife.

Thief on the Cross: Paradise Awaits!

March 24, 2019


This blog takes a fictional look at 1 of the 2 men who were crucified along with Jesus.

Mary Magdalene: Worthless No Longer!

March 22, 2019


This blog takes a fictional look at one of the Bible's most beloved personalities.

My 10 Favorite-God Glorifying Movies; What Are Yours?

January 2, 2019


Some light reading in this very short blog. What are some of yours?

Peter’s Torment: “I Don’t Know the Man!”

July 26, 2018


This fictional account looks at Peter's bitter denial of Jesus.

Jairus’ Daughter: A Living Testament

September 7, 2017


This short "fictional devotion" tells the story of Jairus' daughter from her perspective.

The Great Divide

June 30, 2017


This short story looks at the relationship between a Jewish grandfather and grandson.