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The Verse I Can’t Escape

June 2, 2023


This blog examines a great verse with wonderful practical benefits!

Very Heavy New Testament Teaching

May 11, 2023


This blog examines some very sober, but necessary truth.

‘Loving Your Enemies; Forgiving Your Enemies; Praying for Your Enemies’

May 10, 2023


This blog looks at the way Christians should view those who think differently than us.

These Hymn Lyrics Cut Deep!

April 14, 2023


This blog encourages believers to look at how they're spending their time.

The Bible’s Most Treasured Individual

April 13, 2023


This blogs looks at one Scriptures most outstanding personalities.

The Graveyard of Spiritual Burnouts

April 12, 2023


This blog examines the sad reality of spiritually falling away.

Our Wills Be Done; Not Yours, God

April 5, 2023


This blog encourages Christians to look at their walk with God and examine how fully we are obeying Him.

In the Face of Rampant Sin, Stay Rooted in Christ

March 30, 2023


This blog encourages believers not to fall prey to the false philosophies of this world.

The Great Delusion

March 22, 2023


This blog helps explain the chaos we are witnessing in our world today -- and the even chaos to come!

Ouch, Ouch, Ouch! 3 Piercing Proverbs

March 20, 2023


This blog serves as a helpful to reminder to all Christians.