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In Praise of 1 Chronicles!

January 19, 2022


This blog is intended to increase your interest in reading this precious book of the Bible!

God’s Proclamation to Western Leaders

January 18, 2022


This blog takes a hard look at those who arrogantly defy God.

A Small Point of Contention With My Fellow Bloggers

January 16, 2022


If this blog relates to you, please consider my points.

Humanity’s Disease; God’s Cure

January 13, 2022


This blog examines the natural state of the human race.

Revival Pipedream

January 6, 2022


This blog examines the issue of national repentance.

How to View World and National Events

December 29, 2021


This blog will help you gain a great biblical perspective of our world.

The Long, Tragic Descent

December 28, 2021


This blog examines the suffering of this world in light of God's wondrous promises.

Christians: What About Trump’s F-Bomb?

December 14, 2021


This blog gives you the opportunity to speak up.

Covid-19 Harbinger Followup

December 8, 2021


This blog takes a look at how Covid is foreshadowing worse things to come.

Covid-19: An End-Times Harbinger

December 7, 2021


This blog makes the point that the Coronavirus is one of several warnings of God's Last Days scenario.