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Clinging to God’s Glorious Word

October 11, 2017


This blog looks at one of the Christian's best coping tools.

Blotting Out God: Dream On

October 9, 2017


This blog affirms to glory of our Creator!

When All Sorrow is Banished

October 5, 2017


In light of the tragic events of this world, this blog looks at the joy which awaits God's children.

A Powerful Indicator that Christ’s Return is Near

September 14, 2017


This blog examines our society and weighs it against the timing of the Second Coming.

“We Want That Life, Not This One”

August 30, 2017


This blog examines a core issue of the hearts of Christians.

Don’t Fret: God’s Purposes Will Stand

August 18, 2017


This blog assures Christians that God has matters well in control.

My Devotional From En Gedi

August 16, 2017


During Zion’s Hope’s (the ministry I work for) trip to Israel in June, each staff member delivered two devotions at various locations in the Holy Land. Here is my second devotion, this one from En Gedi. I pray you find this encouraging (about 5 minutes). Advertisements