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The Brilliant Conclusion of Ecclesiastes

March 4, 2020


This blog looks at one of the overlooked books of the Bible.

Another ‘Is it in the Bible?’ Saying

February 18, 2020


This blog looks at another popular verse which may or may not be in the Bible.

The Cure For Our World’s Miseries

February 3, 2020


This blog examines what God requires of the human race.

One Terrific Little Psalm

January 2, 2020


It's a small Psalm, but packs a powerful spiritual punch!

Jesus, Our Great God!

October 12, 2019


A brief devotion in honor of our Lord and King!

A Few Post-Dorian Thoughts

September 4, 2019


This blog examines questions we wish we knew the answers to.

God’s Word Speaks for Itself

August 29, 2019


Read this powerful passage from the prophet Isaiah!