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Escaping Death: Sudanese Refugee Seeks New Life in Israel

March 30, 2013


By David Ettinger Abrahim Abdul Razu is bitter, hungry, dejected and confused, and it is not difficult to see why. At the young age of twenty-six, Abrahim has seen several of his family members starve to death in the refugee camps of Darfur, Sudan. In addition to this, two of the companions he escaped Sudan […]

On the Streets of Tel Aviv: Orange Juice and New Testaments

March 29, 2013


Author’s note: Zion’s Hope graciously sent me to Israel to write a series of articles about Servant’s Heart 2012. In addition to chronicling the events of nine days, I also had the opportunity to participate in Servant’s Heart outreaches. Here is my account of two encounters I had during the trip. — David Ettinger As […]

Servant’s Heart 2010: A Springboard to 2012

September 1, 2012


By David Ettinger Karen Adams was one of the originals, having the privilege of being a team member on Zion’s Hope’s inaugural Servant’s Heart outreach in 2010. “Servant’s Heart really opened my eyes to what God is doing in Israel,” she said. “It helped me to understand the suffering of the people there.” In fact, […]

2012 Memories: Three Visits That Will Never Be Forgotten

August 29, 2012


By David Ettinger Becky Emond minces no words when it comes to her feelings regarding Servant’s Heart. “Everything about the trip was very meaningful and life-changing,” she said. “It was evident during the trip that the Zion’s Hope staff had spent countless hours planning out every detail.” The Servant’s Heart outreach was directly preceded by “Journey […]

The Best Experience of All: Preaching the Gospel in Israel

August 28, 2012


By David Ettinger To Lillian Rivera, being a tourist in Israel was nice, but being a missionary was so much better. “Servant’s Heart [2012] gave me the opportunity to go into the heart of Israel and see what the people are like,” the Florida resident said. “You usually don’t get that on a regular tour. […]

Gaining Treasure in Heaven: Doing the Work of God’s Son

August 27, 2012


By David Ettinger How much did Andrea Hillman love being a part of Servant’s Heart 2012? “I miss it so much and I haven’t even left yet,” she said glowingly on the last official day of Servant’s Heart. “There was a bit of everything, and it was the perfect way to visit Israel.” Andrea, along […]

On the Streets of Jerusalem: Stretching the Comfort Zone

August 24, 2012


By David Ettinger Lisa Green has a wonderful husband, four beautiful children, and loves the Lord. She serves Him faithfully in her home church in Arkansas, and is comfortable doing so. But one thing Lisa is not comfortable doing is street evangelism. Let’s face it, such “down in the trenches” spiritual warfare is a challenge […]

Meeting Hannah: Unspeakable Tragedy, Lung Cancer, and a Second Chance

August 23, 2012


By David Ettinger There is just no telling who you are going to meet, or what situation the Lord will put you into, when you become a Servant’s Heart volunteer. Such was the circumstance for Linda Gould as she had an encounter with a woman who had been suffering terribly for more than three decades. […]

Open House Early Childhood Center: Relying on the Love of Others

August 22, 2012


By David Ettinger The city Sderot, located in southwest Israel, has had its share of heartbreak, brought on primarily by thousands of Qussam rocket attacks since 2007 (see the story, “Sderot: A City Beleaguered, Besieged, Beloved”). Though Sderot is not one of Israel’s better-known cities internationally, it is nonetheless a precious one to Zion’s Hope […]

Opposition Arises: Food-Delivery Mission Takes Alarming Turn

August 21, 2012


By David Ettinger Unfortunately, not everyone in Israel is happy with the work that Zion’s Hope/ Servant’s Heart is doing in their nation. That was a lesson stunningly learned by a member of the Servant’s Heart team, Elizabeth Palmer. Elizabeth was part of a crew of ten that traveled to the southwestern cities of Ashdod […]