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A Little Love for John 3:17, Please

January 18, 2023


This blog give much-needed attention to an overlooked Bible verse!

God’s ‘Revealing’ to Believers

January 14, 2023


This blog helps explain believers' readiness in accepting the truths of God and His Word.

Yes, You Can Hurt God – Deeply

October 5, 2022


This blog examines how Christians can actually bring grief and sadness to God.

Psalm 93: God, and God Alone

June 13, 2022


This blog looks at Psalm 93, which focuses exclusively on the glory and majesty of God.

Oh to Know God More!

May 30, 2022


This blog examines the longing all believers should have.

FOX, CNN … I’ll Take GOD!

February 4, 2022


This blog encourages believers to evaluate their priorities.

The ‘Audacious’ Message Unbelievers Cringe At

February 3, 2022


This blog can help you navigate some rough theological waters.

A Verse Every Believer Should Aspire To

January 31, 2022


This blog poses a challenge every believer should take to heart.

Even the ‘Greatest Ever’ Doubted

January 18, 2022


This blog looks at a challenge all Christians experience.

Humanity’s Disease; God’s Cure

January 13, 2022


This blog examines the natural state of the human race.