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Video: The Image and the Mark of the Beast

January 23, 2023


This video takes a look at how advanced science and technology will play a role in the Antichrist's rise in the End Times.

Our Blind, Blind World

April 22, 2022


This blog looks at the growing spiritual darkness descending upon planet Earth.

Free Digital Issue of Our Magazine!

December 21, 2021


An offer you can't refuse!

Would You ‘Command Fire to Come Down’?

February 16, 2021


This blog asks Christians some serious questions.

Ah, Remembering the ‘Dwingling Framlands’

August 5, 2020


This "light" blog looks at a sweet memory of my early career.

From Manuscript to Magazine

April 30, 2020


A lot goes into bringing a magazine article to print, as this video shows. I hope you enjoy it!

What Determines Your Blog Topics?

April 29, 2020


A "fun" blog. What makes you tick as a blog-writer?

My Greatest Fear of a Sanders Presidency

February 24, 2020


This blog examines the "underbelly" of America.

So What if People Hate President Trump

January 31, 2020


This blog points to the true role of Christians in this divided world.

Two Dominions

July 9, 2019


This blog boils the world down to "two kinds of people."