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Peter’s Torment: “I Don’t Know the Man!”

August 11, 2020


This fictional account looks at Peter's bitter denial of Jesus.

A Tale of 2 Verses

July 23, 2020


This blog examines a dilemma many Christians often face.

My Ultimate Goal

July 7, 2020


This blog looks at a finishing point you can build your life on!

The Pinnacle Faith Proclamation

June 2, 2020


This blog examines a fascinating confirmation of trust in God.

Kings David and Solomon: Lightyears Apart

May 8, 2020


This blog looks at two kings of diverse natures. You can learn from both of them.

A Great ‘Tucked-In’ Verse

April 30, 2020


This blog examines a verse which is much more impactful than it seems!

The Upside of Peter’s Denial

April 28, 2020


This blog investigates the positive side of a dark biblical account.

Solid Biblical Counsel in Unstable Times

April 2, 2020


This blog looks at the perfect portion of Scripture for these days!

A Biblical Cautionary Tale

March 26, 2020


This blog explores a warrior of the Lord, one from whose failings we can learn!

Precious Words of Favor and Gratitude

March 17, 2020


This blog examines where the heart of the believer should be.