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Middle East Peace Really Will Happen

February 13, 2019


This blog looks at the almost-inconceivable reality of a lasting Middle East peace.

U.S. Border Wall Won’t Work

February 12, 2019


This blog goes beyond the shallow scope of politics and emotionalism.

Modern-Day ‘Prophets’?

February 7, 2019


This blog takes to task those who claim direct revelation from God.

This Verse Can Enhance Your Life!

February 6, 2019


This blog will help you gain more peace in your life.

Oh to Be in the Courts of the Lord!

February 5, 2019


This blog explores the joy of being in God's presence!

A Small Reminder About God

February 4, 2019


This blog examines other attributes of God besides love.

My Teaching on the Book of Micah

February 1, 2019


The Book of Micah speaks just as powerfully today as it 2,700 years ago!