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The Greatest Bargain Ever!

November 9, 2020


This blog examines why the nations of the world suffer as they do.

Oh Lord, Please Answer This Prayer Now!

November 7, 2020


This blog encourages believers to be patient in these very trying days.

Christians, Resolve to Pray for Our (New?) President

November 6, 2020


This short blog calls on Christians to do the right thing.

God, the Ruler of Nations

November 5, 2020


In this season of election madness, this blog should help put things in proper perspective for the believer.

Election Time? No Biggie: 10 Wonderful Assurances!

November 2, 2020


This blog should help lift your spirits in these tense days!

God’s Sure Proclamations

October 31, 2020


This blog contrasts God's promises against the bluster of politicians.

Election 2020: I Shall Not Be Moved!

October 30, 2020


This blog reminds believers to remain firm in the Lord, no matter what!

An Unwise Question

October 26, 2020


This blog explores the biblical way in which Christians should approach these trying days.

My 2 Chronicles 7:14 Blog: Addendum

October 21, 2020


This brief blog makes a further point regarding a familiar verse.

The Essence of Jesus

October 21, 2020


This blog attempts to briefly answer a crucial question.