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Gomer: Saved from the Slave Market

August 20, 2020


This fictional blog explores one of the Bible's more fascinating accounts.

A Truly Ghastly Bible Passage

March 11, 2020


This blog examines a particularly disturbing biblical account.

I’m Missing the Boat on This Verse!

September 28, 2019


The blog will prove a challenge you you!

Let’s Ease Up on Michal

July 11, 2019


This blog examines a Bible personality who generally is frowned upon.

That Which Grieves Jesus

June 24, 2019


This blog challengers Christians to live compassionate lives.

The Perfect Prayer for Unsaved Loved Ones

June 6, 2019


This short blog considers just the right words to say when praying for the unsaved.

A Verse That Can Change the Church

May 30, 2019


This blog looks at how to bring in the body of Christ.

Ezekiel’s Silent Torment

May 23, 2019


This blog takes a fictional look at the the prophet Ezekiel and his wife.

Oh to Know God More!

May 19, 2019


This blog examines the longing all believers should have.

Samuel and Hannah: A Great Man, a Great Mother

May 12, 2019


This blog looks at two towering figures of the Bible.