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Samuel and Hannah: A Great Man, a Great Mother

May 12, 2019


This blog looks at two towering figures of the Bible.

One of the Joys of Life

May 6, 2019


Just a simple little blog of gratitude.

Pastors, Please Stop Telling Us to Be Nicer

May 1, 2019


This blog examines a cliche pastors are fond of using.

The Gold Standard of Christian Behavior

April 29, 2019


This blog may irritate you a little, but the message is worth your consideration.

The Failure of Christian Fathers

April 24, 2019


This blog looks at the sad truth about the Western Church.

In Heaven, Will You Remember Unsaved Loved Ones?

April 22, 2019


This blog should help bring great comfort to your soul.

Abigail: Distress Turned to Joy

April 7, 2019


This fictional story looks at the life of a wonderful woman of God, Abigail.

A Verse Every Believer Should Aspire To

March 29, 2019


This blog poses a challenge you may want to consider.

The Most Difficult Command to Obey

March 28, 2019


This blog helps bring perspective to a tricky verse.

When Christians Act Ignorantly

March 4, 2019


This blog will help you better navigate your way through difficult situations.