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I Propose a New Christian Holiday!

August 28, 2019


This blog title is actually meant to be taken seriously!

Geneva Bible: Precursor to the King James

August 20, 2019


This blog looks at the Geneva Bible, which served in a crucial transitional role between the Tyndale and King James Bibles.

Good Book Confidential: Queen Esther’s Historic Story

August 1, 2019


In Part 9, we examine the crucial role Esther played in the history of her people.

Claudia’s Dream; Pilate’s Dread

July 18, 2019


This blog takes a fictional look at what may have transpired between Pilate and his wife Claudia.

What’s Your Bible-Reading Method?

July 17, 2019


This blog looks at our daily "quiet time" habits.

Clinging to God’s Glorious Word

June 17, 2019


This blog looks at one of the Christian's best coping tools.

A Verse That Can Change the Church

May 30, 2019


This blog looks at how to bring in the body of Christ.