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The Bible’s Powerful Impact on History

December 16, 2022


This blog helps bring to light the massive power of the Bible!

‘Chapterizing’ and ‘Versifying’ the Bible

July 7, 2022


This blog examines how and when the Bible got its chapters and verses.

Cling to the Word of God

June 17, 2022


This blog will help you focus on Christian priorities.

My ‘Perfect’ Blogs

January 21, 2022


This blog looks at the perfect Word of God!

A Small Spiritual Victory

January 10, 2022


This blog points to some positive things happening spiritually in this increasingly negative world!

A Bible Portion I Question

January 5, 2022


This blog examines a very difficult Bible section, at least difficult to this author.

When to Not Obey Government

September 27, 2021


This blog tackles a touchy issue for Christians.

The Police, and Turning Scripture Upside Down

June 3, 2021


This blog examines what the Bible says about those who corrupt the Truth of God's Word.