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The Most Shocking Verses in the Book of Revelation

October 31, 2017


In a book of shocking verses, these are the most shocking of all.

When All Sorrow is Banished

October 5, 2017


In light of the tragic events of this world, this blog looks at the joy which awaits God's children.

What You Need to Know About the Antichrist

June 5, 2017


This blog briefly examines what the Bible says about the coming world ruler.

Jesus the Conqueror

March 21, 2017


This blog explores a facet of Jesus not often taught.

The Four Facets of Satan

February 6, 2017


This blog investigates the true nature of the Christian's greatest adversary.

America’s Role in End-Times Prophecy

January 18, 2017


This blog looks at what the Bible has to say about the U.S.

Christians Most Persecuted Group of 2016

January 10, 2017


This blog looks at Christian persecution and how we should react to it.