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Part 3: Joel: Behold the Day of the Lord

June 27, 2018


Part 3 of a 13-part blog series.

Hosea: Adultery, Judgment, and God’s Grace

June 26, 2018


Part 2 of a 13-part blog series.

Exploring the Major Messages of the ‘Minor’ Prophets

June 25, 2018


Part 1 of my blog series on the Minor Prophets.

Struggling With “Come Quickly, Lord Jesus”

June 18, 2018


This blog deals with a dilemma many believers face.

My Teaching on the Book of Amos

May 23, 2018


This post provides both video and written teaching on the Minor Prophets

My Teaching on the Book of Joel

March 30, 2018


A quick 40-minute journey through this marvelous Old Testament book!

Fulfilled (or almost fulfilled) Old Testament Prophecies about Jesus

February 1, 2018


This blog looks at Jesus in both the Old and New Testaments.