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Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2021


From my grandson Zac, me, and Bella!

2 Spectacular Christmas Cards!

November 11, 2021


Zion's Hope's Christmas cards are beautiful and unabashedly evangelical!

Somber Judgment; Sober Response

September 29, 2021


This blog helps Christians respond in a proper way to what is soon coming upon the earth.

No, We Don’t Need This!

August 17, 2021


This very brief blog addresses modern-day church worship.

The Reward Is Life

February 25, 2021


Originally posted on Vickie's Book Nook and Meditation Corner: If we are the children of the Lord, the end result of our labors on earth is life, eternity with our Savior and our God. It is imperative that we teach the Gospel to as many as possible before we leave this earth because…

Yes, Christians Can Vote Democrat, But…

November 11, 2020


Originally posted on Thinking in Grace:
The political calculus required to do so is strange, considering the trends in the Democratic Party. One Christian writer puts the conflict this way, “Or, is voting for abortion and persecution of Christians a sign of a poorly developed Christian worldview and theology?” Usually the question isn’t put so…

The Bad Thing About a Good Life

July 19, 2020


Originally posted on theburninglampdotcom:
American believes have, for the most part, enjoyed a ‘good life’ where the fruits of freedom to worship, work, plan and save grounded us in ‘One Nation Under God’.  The ‘good life’, often entangled in this world, gave birth to ungodly prosperity ministries and carnal churches.  However, the bad thing about…

God’s Call Within the Chaos

July 11, 2020


Originally posted on theburninglampdotcom:
The current plight of NYC is no secret.  Living here for 40 years, as a student, social worker, and State Parole Officer, ‘chaos’ has fueled my career, my social life and increasingly later – my spiritual life in the Lord.  In my 20’s, my neighborhood was laden with drug dealers, so…

If Only …

June 25, 2020


A mere meditation for your consideration.

Good Things From Closed Churches

May 28, 2020


Originally posted on theburninglampdotcom:
The ongoing hoopla about closed churches during a national pandemic is, ironically, nearly ungodly.  Protesting government officials, threatening lawsuits, and wasting money and energy point to a self serving faith, not selfless faith.  Is it really God’s call to rebel when our resources should go to serve?  Many churches, run on a business…