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The Bad Thing About a Good Life

July 19, 2020


Originally posted on theburninglampdotcom:
American believes have, for the most part, enjoyed a ‘good life’ where the fruits of freedom to worship, work, plan and save grounded us in ‘One Nation Under God’.  The ‘good life’, often entangled in this world, gave birth to ungodly prosperity ministries and carnal churches.  However, the bad thing about…

God’s Call Within the Chaos

July 11, 2020


Originally posted on theburninglampdotcom:
The current plight of NYC is no secret.  Living here for 40 years, as a student, social worker, and State Parole Officer, ‘chaos’ has fueled my career, my social life and increasingly later – my spiritual life in the Lord.  In my 20’s, my neighborhood was laden with drug dealers, so…

If Only …

June 25, 2020


A mere meditation for your consideration.

Good Things From Closed Churches

May 28, 2020


Originally posted on theburninglampdotcom:
The ongoing hoopla about closed churches during a national pandemic is, ironically, nearly ungodly.  Protesting government officials, threatening lawsuits, and wasting money and energy point to a self serving faith, not selfless faith.  Is it really God’s call to rebel when our resources should go to serve?  Many churches, run on a business…

Shamelessly Promoting Myself!!

October 10, 2018


  Watch me shamelessly promote my latest article, “Will All Israel Be Saved,” in the magazine Zion’s Fire. The September-October issue of Zion’s Fire should be hitting homes nationwide and worldwide at the end of October. If you are interested in a FREE 1-year subscription to the magazine, stay tuned to the end of this […]

The Importance of Believing in Christ’s Deity

February 23, 2017


This blog examines the ultimate truth of the Bible.

Don’t Forget the Elderly

November 4, 2016


This poem will move you to reach out to the elderly.

What to Expect of the Human Race in 2016 and Beyond

January 1, 2016


What awaits us in 2016 and beyond? Fortunately, the Bible tells us. This blog looks at the descent of humanity in the years ahead.

The Woman Who Washed Jesus’ Feet: Overcoming Shame

November 23, 2015


This excerpt from my book, "Overcomers," will both encourage and move you.

Slain Woman Denies Satan the Victory

November 19, 2015


By taking Amanda Blackburn from us, Satan thought he had pulled off a coup. How wrong he was!