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Good Book Confidential: The Queen of Sheba

August 5, 2019


This 13th chapter gives us insight into the famous queen and who she really was apart from the myths.

Good Book Confidential: Queen Esther’s Historic Story

August 1, 2019


In Part 9, we examine the crucial role Esther played in the history of her people.

Good Book Confidential: Tamar and the Messianic Line

July 31, 2019


In Part 8, we look at the fascinating account of Tamar, the daughter-in-law of Judah.

Good Book Confidential: Rebekah’s Sorrow

July 29, 2019


Part 6 of the series sheds light on the Isaac-Jacob-Esau drama from Rebekah's point of view.

Good Book Confidential: Jochebed, the Mother of Moses

July 26, 2019


In this 4th installment of "Good Book Confidential," read about the torment of Jochebed, the mother of Moses.

Good Book Confidential: Jael

July 25, 2019


The second installment of "Good Book Confidential."

The Tragic Story of Jacob’s Daughter

July 20, 2019


This blog explores a little-known biblical story.