Humanity’s Fatal Disease in a Nutshell

November 27, 2017


This blog examines man's tragic condition.

Yes, You Can Overcome the Good Times!

November 25, 2017


This blog will show you practical ways to keep your spiritual life running smoothly.

Oh To Be Like Daniel!

November 24, 2017


This blog looks at one of Scripture's most outstanding personalities.

Cutting Jonah Some Slack

November 20, 2017


This blog examines one of the most well-known episodes in the Bible.

Jesus on the Day of His Crucifixion: “Rejoice and Be Glad”

November 17, 2017


Just a short meditation, but one worth considering.

Joseph: The Ultimate Victim of Injustice

November 16, 2017


This blog examines the life of one of the Bible's most amazing personalities.

The Day Arrogance Will Be Trounced

November 14, 2017


By David Ettinger Our Arrogant Society I began my sports-writing career at age 21, covering sporting events in southern New Mexico. Back then, before I gave my life to Christ at age 28, I enjoyed the sports “scene.” Coaches and athletes spoke “big,” that is, they made big claims and would not admit to fear. […]